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Welcome to this course! 

This section orientates you to the course videos and materials.  Make sure you start here!

Learn The Serenely Sorted System

Let’s dive in and learn the system!  This section gives you all the details of the unique Serenely Sorted System that has practicality at its core.  The system allows you to build an efficient home, organised so that you can minimise time spent tidying and enjoy your serene space for the long term!  There are two videos here so you can split it into two sessions if you want.  Don't forget to switch to double speed for your fast track to fabulously sorted.

  • The Serenely Sorted System
    • The Soul – learn what’s unique why it really works
    • The Core Serenely Sorted System – the fundamental toolkit
    • Serene Space Dividers – the glue that binds it all together
    • End Homes in depth – the DNA of the system
    • Categories of ‘Stuff’ – think differently!
  • The Framework for how to launch the system into your home
    • The Five As of Aaaaah!
    • The Sort-a-Surface Challenge
    • How to declutter
    • Get Started!

    Launch The Serenely Sorted System in your home

    Here we go step-by-step around your home sprinkling serenity at every turn! Using the framework you can easily work through each room at the pace that’s right for you, in the order you prefer.

    Watch each video when you are ready to attack that area so the guidance and real-life examples are fresh in your mind as you do it. We’ll work through all areas of your home with these bitesize area-by-area, room-by-room video guides (basic mess makers, Shoes/Coats/Bags, The Needed Things, Activity based End Homes, Toys, Laundry & Clothing, The Paper Pile, Kitchen Cupboards, Bedrooms and Bathrooms - and more!).  Have the end home list and card deck to hand as you go to label and tick off as you prefer - and tick off each section in your workbook as you complete it to feel that serene satisfaction as you tackle each area of your home.

    Live The Serenely Sorted System & Love your home life!

    This is where the serenity really starts!  You’ll already be feeling it as you’ve been launching the system around your home.  We’ll cover

    • Getting the whole family involved – techniques to get everyone involved and how to keep reinforcing it for success
    • How to manage the system long term – give The System a little bit of love and care here and there AND recognise changes in your routines to be reflected
    • Mindset for long term change
    • Love your home life - a few thoughts to close

    I’m so happy that you have reached this point and – I hope – are experiencing the transformations in your life and home as I, and many other Serene Sorters – are experiencing.  Let me know!

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